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Intelligent Solutions for Industry

Relying on The Advantages of Core Technology,One Step Ahead to Help Partners Realize Intelligent Transformation

Intelligent Electric

Intelligent Robot

Intelligent Equipment

  • Aerospace
  • Rail Transit
  • Automobile Equipment
  • Electric Energy
  • Construction Machinery
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electric Equipment Manufacturing

Smarter Technology Smarter Future

News Report Industry News Activity Information

Smart "5g industrial wireless data terminal" launched at CSG

On July 29, the 14th IOTE 2020 International Internet of Things Exhibition was grandly opened in Shenzhen. As one of the new products of TD Tech’s “5G+AI Ecology”, the latest "5G Industrial Wireless Data Terminal" developed by CSG has been released for the first time and has a stunning appearance!


Wang Bowei, vice chairman of Langjiu shares, led a team to visit CSG

On August 5th, Wang Bowei, vice chairman of Langjiu Co., Ltd. and chairman of Langjiu Quality Research Institute, led a team to visit CSG


Fight the epidemic together, watch and help each other, CSG is in action!

Illness is ruthless, and people are affectionate, and watch each other show their true feelings. On February 7th and 10th, CSG successively donated 300 barrels of disinfectant alcohol and 20 temperature measuring guns to the People's Government of Dongjing Town, Songjiang District, contributing modest efforts to support the fight against the "epidemic".


The "Wisdom Together·New Journey" annual meeting closes丨2020 will move forward with confidence!

On January 18th, CSG Intelligent Group's "Smart Hex·New Journey" 2020 New Year Party was successfully held in Hefei, and "confidence" became the key word for the start of 2020.

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